EnerJoy 2020 I Dance for YOU

#danceathome #IdanceforYou #EnerJoyilballocheunisce - 11^ edition

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this year Enerjoy il ballo che unisce will STILL take place but INDIVIDUALLY at home.

This is an opportunity for you to record your amazing performance on video either with your parents or your siblings, or for grandchildren to do so with their grandparents, and so on.

How to join:

You can join EnerJoy 2020 I dance for YOU for free, following these steps:

A dancing summer

From June 1st to September 30th, 2020, all your dance performances will be available here:


This allows people to learn the performances and give them.

Your performance may be broadcast on TV


From October 1st, 2020, the most popular and the funniest dance performances on the web will be broadcast in our TV programs alternating one and another throughout winter 2020-2021:


  • Prossima Fermata Liscio
  • Country Live

Italian TV networks broadcasting 

Prossima Fermata Liscio

Italian TV networks broadcasting

Country Live

Prossima Fermata Liscio in TV logo

I dance for YOU: this year, EnerJoy’s dance performances are for the association INSIEME A TE


  • Dancing is fun and healthy: why not doing it while enhancing research and solidarity?
  • This is EnerJoy il ballo che unisce 2020’s current goal: to dance for the association INSIEME A TE settled in Faenza (near Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna). Visit their website: www.insiemeate.org

In October 2020, we will give the check to Debora Donati (creator of the association INSIEME A TE) officially on an occasion broadcast by our TV.

The check will be given together with a letter mentioning all people who have participated to the fundraising. We will be like a combination of colors and music making also those in need smile.


Meet Debora Donati and the association INSIEME A TE

Let’s meet Debora Donati in these pleasant interviews. Watch the videos below.


How to choose your song

You can choose a song from various kinds of music such as hip hop, modern, latin music, Zumba, boogie, country, etc.

Please, do not choose one of the songs in the list here below, because they’ve already been used by someone else.

Once you’ve chosen, please let us know by sending an email to info@passiesuoni.it.

Here’s the list of songs chosen by EnerJoy 2020’s participants up to now:

  • LLEVAME CONTIGO (Mendez, Clerini) – bachata – Ed. Galletti-Boston
  • MUCHACHA – Gente de Zona, Becky G
  • TALL TALL TREES – Alan Jackson
  • TWIST – Maximo Music % Max Salsapura
  • YALLA HABIBI – Ragheb Alama ft. Seyi Shay & Costi
  • QUE TIRE PA’ LANTE – Daddy Yankee
  • ON THE ROAD AGAIN – Willie Nelson
  • GOOD TIMES di Jesse Raub Jr.
  • QUE CALOR – Major Lazer feat J Balvin & El Alfa
  • ALL NIGHTER – Day & Shay
  • THE OTHER SIDE – Justin Timberlake
  • RECKLESS – Africa Bambaataa e UB40
  • VOLVIO’ – Ataca y Alemana

Recording’s Necessary Features

  • The video must be no longer than 3 minutes
  • Record your choreography on a horizontal video
  • Put the phone on a stand that keeps your video steady
  • Set your phone’s resolution at least at 1280×720 or better at 1920×1080 (a lower one would make it impossible to be broadcast on TV)
  • Choose bright places, better if the garden or any other open space
  • If you record at home, choose a blank wall, with no personal decor
  • Avoid dull places or positions not suitable to be broadcast on TV

For groups and dance schools

  • Even though it is now forbidden to gather all dancers together, this doesn’t mean that dance performances can’t include all of them. If you can’t edit your video, our recording studio will do it for you, for a charge of 50 euros.

Nota _ How to send your Video

For reasons of better-quality videos’ maintenance, please send your video through WeTransfer:

Please send us also:

  • Your surname and name, plus your recapiti
  • Funny photos taken during the making of the recording
  • A short video (30 seconds max.) where you say you’ve joined EnerJoy 2020 I dance for YOU and this is your own choreography. Please end the video by saying the catchphrase “INSIEME A TE”. All these short videos will be published on the Facebook group of the association INSIEME A TE.
  • If you have one, the logo of your dance school or association

EnerJoy 2020 ... I dance for YOU promotion

The donations gathered for the event will be given to a volunteer organization in order to enhance research and solidarity.

We will give the check to the Manager of the association officially, and anyone can join the event.

Let’s dance together for those who can’t do it by giving a smile

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