EnerJoy 2021 I Dance for YOU

EnerJoy 2021 I Dance for YOU

The 12 edition dance on HANDS

Enerjoy 2021 io ballo per te logo

Click on the photo for info on ” HANDS give me your hands “

HANDS is the new song for EnerJoy with a very nice message: give me your hands.

Hands is a wish to go back to live music and dance. 

The movements of the song’s refrain are very simple and give you all the freedom to make your choreography.

How to join:

  • You can join EnerJoy 2020 I dance for YOU for free
  • Download the song HANDS from Spotify (or ITunes or your favorite Digital Store). Click here for Direct Link to all the main Digital Store
  • Choreografh the song by using your creative imagination but DON’T CHANGE the HANDS MOVEMENTS of the song’s refrain. Click here  for the Video
  • Record yourself with your phone while dancing on your own or with your friends.
  • Send us your uncompressed video via Whatsapp to this number 348 41 43 907, listing the name of all dancers, or…
  • your video will be included in our YouTube playlist: EnerJoy 2021 IO ballo x TE 12^ edition (direct link here)
  • and will be published on our Facebook Official Page EnerJoy 2021 IO ballo x TE (direct link here)

EnerJoy 2021 _ I dance for …

Dancing is fun and healthy: why not doing it while enhancing research and solidarity?

The 12^ edition has been designated for solidarity.

Everyone will help us make people in need smile.

How to contribute:

  • download HANDS from the Digital Stores
  • increase the views of the official video more and more. Please DON’T DOWNLOAD the video on your pc or phone, but watch the original video online. Watch it here

Download HANDS from the Digital Stores

Download the song from this link:



Apple Music


Watch here the video of the song’s refrain


while develop your choreografy.

HANDS lyrics

Do you like our song ?

Do you want to sing it too ?

Here the whole text in a nice Videoclip.

Enjoy !

Recording’s Necessary Features

  • Record your choreography on a horizontal video
  • Put the phone on a stand that keeps your video steady
  • Set your phone’s resolution at least at 1280×720 or better at 1920×1080 (a lower one would make it impossible to be broadcast on TV)
  • Choose bright places, better if the garden or any other open space
  • If you record at home, choose a blank wall, with no personal decor
  • Avoid dull places or positions not suitable to be disclosed in public

For groups and dance schools

  • Even though it is now forbidden to gather all dancers together, this doesn’t mean that dance performances can’t include all of them. If you can’t edit your video, our recording studio will do it for you, for a charge of 50 euros.

Your Videoclip on TV

We broadcast two different television programmes:

  • Prossima Fermata Liscio
  • Country Live

Do you want to participate in one of this?

Contact us  info@passiesuoni.it or call us via mobile phone +39 347 41 43 907